Here's a look at what we've been up to lately.
  • Kenya: African Giraffe Cam
    Kenya: African Giraffe Cam
    Late in October, we headed to Africa to provide a Bugeye view of some spectacular resorts for a US travel show. The giraffes and rhino’s we’re a little leary at first, but came around, and in the end seemed perfectly happy to let our buzzing Octocopter do its thing.
  • St Lucia: Up In The Hills
    St Lucia: Up In The Hills
    Anse La Raye is a tiny fishing village tucked away amongst lush jungle valleys, mountain fed rivers and pristine beaches of St Lucia. I lived in this village for 8 years as a musician, During that time, my love for making music grew to include a passion for making films. In May 2011, I returned to Anse La Raye armed with a backpack, a quad with a gopro and crew of 2.
  • England: Gardens of York House
    England: Gardens of York House
    This fall, Bugeye Films was invited by Mozilla to showcase our work at their annual conference in London. Despite some wind and dodgy weather, we were able to find some gothic inspiration on the grounds of York House in Twickenham.
  • Haiti: Lakou Mizik
    Haiti: Lakou Mizik
    The “Lakou Mizik” project is a multi-media celebration of the music and culture of Haiti. The project will support and promote Haitian music through the recording of a new album of classic Haitian music, a series of short interactive documentary portraits of musicians, and the construction of the country’s first solar powered professional music studio.
  • Domincan Republic: Jurassic Park Hotel
    Domincan Republic: Jurassic Park Hotel
    In October of 2010, BugEye Films spent 2 weeks in the wilds of the Dominican Republic doing some test flying/filming at the Jurrassic Park hotel and lodge. We experimented with mounting both a gopro and Canon rebel X2ti to our quad and hexa copters respectively.